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Never a Dull Moment by Pim Zwier
Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment

NEVER A DULL MOMENT paints the turbulent life of Sam Waagenaar, a bon-vivant, who many times changed the course of his life, successfully moving from film industry work in the thirties to journalist, singer, actor, war correspondent, finally ending up as a photographer travelling the world after the war. The film is based on Waagenaar’s unpublished autobiography. With a voice-over he reflects on his life, and on a tendency towards optimism that was severely tested more than once.

75’ / DCP / colour, b&w      

Original title: NEVER A DULL MOMENT
Dir: Pim Zwier
Prod: seriousFilm   
Sc: Pim zwier           
D.O.P.: Aage Hollander
Completed: May 2014       
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)   

Pim Zwier:
First feature length documentary.
ALLES WAS IRGENDWIE NU╠łTZT (2013, short doc), BREATHTAKING (2012, short doc),
OERDAK, POEM IN PROGRESS (2010, short doc), SUTRAPEZE (2010, short doc),
SARAH ANN (2008, short doc), JOLANDA 23 (2008, short doc) Award: Best Short Doc Lago FF, BIDCATCHER (2007, short doc) Award: Best Doc Tampere FF, ROOSJE’S ATHLETE 35133 (2004, short doc).

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