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Jade lives with her friends Rex and Bo in a secluded mobile home, surrounded by a dense conifer hedge. At first sight, theirs seems to be a normal friendship, but soon it turns out to be more like a hostage situation.

13' / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: NERVOSA
Dir: Thessa Meijer
Prod: Rinkel Film - Reinier Selen, Julia Rombout
Completed: October 2019
Language: Dutch

Thessa Meijer:
a.o. THE WALKING FISH (2018, short) Awards: a.o. Special Mention-Brisbane IFF, Special Jury Prize-Young Directors Award, THE DAY MY HOUSE FELL (2017, short) Award: Best Short-Tiburon IFF, ERKHII MERGEN, OR WHY THE MARMOT DOESN'T HAVE A THUMB (2015, short).

Rinkel Film
Ph: +31 20 616 3231


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