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My Long Distance Friend by Carina Molier and Maria Mok
My Long Distance Friend

My Long Distance Friend

Having struggled to survive in Europe from the age of nine, the Zimbabwean OG attempts to find balance in her life.

OG is a young woman who has wandered around Europe since she left Zimbabwe at the age of nine. From that point she has always struggled to survive. Director Carina Molier, OG’s long-distance friend, follows her in the quest both to reunite her with her daughter, taken away at an early age, and to enable her to find peace of mind. This film is about displacement, about longing for security and about rediscovering relationships in an ever-globalising and inhospitable world.

90’ / video / colour   

Dir: Carina Molier & Maria Mok
Prod: SNG Film
Co-prod: IKON  
Sc: Carina Molier, Maria Mok    
D.O.P.: Daniël Bouquet, Steffie Phlippen, Marc Homs, Martijn van Broekhuizen, Bifo, Carina Molier
Completed: January 2011  
Language: Dutch/English/ German/Zimbabwean (English subtitles) 

Carina Molier & Maria Mok:
First feature length documentary.

SNG Film
Ph: +31 20 686 7837
F:   +31 20 682 4367

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