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Mr. Pinkpop by Jaap van Eyck
Mr. Pinkpop

Mr. Pinkpop

A portrait of a man with a boundless passion. Smeets is a control freak, for 45 years in charge of the oldest pop festival in the world, Pinkpop. "Pinkpop is his life," says his granddaughter Kim. "He will only stop when he is dead". Mick Jagger comments on the legendary Pinkpop 1979, when he refused to join Peter Tosh on stage, driving Jan Smeets to tears. The frustration of that moment is still as vivid as it was then.

70’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: MR. PINKPOP
Dir: Jaap van Eyck
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film       
D.O.P.: Jaïr Mahazri, Gregor Meerman
Completed: December 2013       
Language: Dutch/English (English subtitles)   

Jaap van Eyck:
a.o. MUSICA ANTIQUA (2013, doc), NUOVI MAESTRI (2013, doc), AMSTEL (2012, short), NEW MASTERS (2012, doc), DIVAS (2011, doc).

Pieter van Huystee Film
Ph: +31 20 421 0606

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