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Motor by Simone Bennett


Motor is a short film/music piece about how paranoia spreads like a virus. We follow the secretive behaviour of a group of seven inhabitants of an apartment building. Inside sadness seeps through the walls, while outside, fear escalates like burning flames.

Experimental  / 9' / HD video / colour

Original title: Motor
Prod: Anotherfilm, mail@anotherfilm.org
Festival Distribution: EYE Experimental
Written and Directed by Simone Bennett
Composed by Simon Lenski
Executive producer Hans Eijses
Director of Photography Lonneke Worm
Editing by Tim Roza
Music Simon Lenski Sound
Language: no dialogue
Completed: 2012  

More information on : filmbank.nl/catalogue
CONTACT: EYE Experimental Short Films (former Filmbank): Marta Jurkiewicz / martajurkiewicz@eyefilm.nl, filmbank.nl / eyefilm.nl

This film is included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2012

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