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Mother's Ball by Catherine van Campen
Mother's Balls

Mother's Balls

Juggling obligations and opportunities, Amber creates a home for all free spirits in her House of the Vineyard. Within the Dutch ballroom dancing scene she takes care of the ‘kids’ in her house, providing them with the freedom she didn’t have growing up herself.

40’ / colour

Original title: MOTHER'S BALLS
Dir: Catherine van Campen
Prod: Blackframe – Sanne Cousijn, NTR
Completed: March 2018           
Language: Dutch, English         

Catherine van Campen:

ZAATARI DJINN (2016, doc), GARAGE 2.0 (2015, doc), JOAN’S BOYS (2013, doc), PAINFUL PAINTING (2011, doc), FLYING ANNE (2010, short doc) Awards: a.o. Best Short Documentary Visions du Réel, Best Short Documentary Hot Docs, DRONA AND I (2009, short doc), ETERNAL MASH (2007, doc).

Ph: +31 20 331 8635

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