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Mocros by Roy Dames



Roy Dames

A documentary about five Dutch youngsters of Moroccan origin, filmed between 2003 and 2011.

An observational documentary about five Dutch youngsters of Moroccan origin living in Rotterdam, shot by filmmaker Dames over an eight-year period. The point of view is that of the youngsters, and the backdrop is the increasing tension between immigrants and the original Dutch population.

75’ / video / colour      

Original title: MOCROS
Prod: Roaring Films
Dir: Roy Dames       
Sc: Miek Hehenkamp, Roy Dames           
D.O.P.: Roy Dames
Completed: September 2011       
Language: Dutch/Moroccan (English subtitles)   

Roy Dames:
a.o. WRONG FELLOWS (2010, doc), LOVERBOYS (2008, doc series), GOING BACK (2007, doc series), I AM MOHAMMED (2005, doc), BETWEEN DOPE AND LOVE (2004, doc), ANDREW AND RASA, A MODERN LOVE STORY (2002, doc).      

Roaring Films
Ph: +31 20 770 8389

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