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The Mission by Robert Oey
Mission, The

Mission, The

Documentary about the UN mission in Mali as seen through the eyes of a Dutch special forces colonel.

Joost de Wolf is a hardened and savvy soldier who has devoted his life to the army. In 2014 he is appointed Deputy Commander Operations of the UN mission in Mali. Upon his arrival, the Malinese army launches an attack on the insurgents and Joost finds himself in a situation where it is impossible to keep the factions apart. Hampered by the lack of political will both from the UN and his own masters, he starts to question official policies and unwittingly jeopardizes his career.

90‘ / DCP / colour   

Original title: DE MISSIE
Dir.: Robert Oey
Prod: Zeppers Film (NL), IKON (NL)       
Sc: Robert Oey           
D.O.P.: Rogier den Boer
Completed: January 2016       
Language: English/French/Bambara/Songhay/Arabic

Robert Oey:
a.o. TODAY WE’RE BUYING AN AIRPLANE (2015, short doc), FALLEN (2012, doc), THE LIE (2010, doc), SAFETY FIRST (2008, short doc), THE SWIMMERS (2007, doc), WONDERLAND (2004, doc).

Zeppers Film
Ph: +31 20 675 8594

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