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The Miracle of the Little Prince by Marjoleine Boonstra
Miracle of the Little Prince, The

Miracle of the Little Prince, The

A documentary about the passionate translators of the book The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry, who fight for the preservation of their forbidden languages.

The Little Prince is the most translated book in the world. Why do people from very diverse cultures choose precisely this book to keep their endangered languages alive? From Sami in the highlands of Norway to Tamazight spoken in the desert planes of the Sahara. From Tibetan taught in exile in Paris to Nawat still spoken by a last generation in El Salvador. Every translator has a dramatic story why they translate this book. An inspiring film which carries out the wisdom of the Little Prince.

89' & 55' / Colour

Original title: Het Raadsel van de Kleine Prins
Dir: Marjoleine Boonstra
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film (NL) - Pieter van Huystee
Co-prod: Indie Film (NL)
Sc:  Marjoleine Boonstra
D.O.P.:  Marjoleine Boonstra
Completed: November 2018    
Language: French, Sami, Tamazight, Tibetan Nawat

Marjoleine Boonstra:
Among Horses and Men (2010, doc), Bela Bela - What Keeps Mankind Alive (2001, doc).

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