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Mi Vida - Loes Luca and Elvira Mínguez

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Mi Vida wraps shoot

July 20, 2018

The Dutch-Spanish co-production Mi Vida, directed by Norbert ter Hall and written by Roos Ouwehand, wrapped July 10 following a 5-week shoot in the ancient Spanish port of Cádiz and a single day of shooting in The Netherlands. Mi Vida is produced by Phanta Film (NL) and co-produced by All Go Movies (ES) and broadcasters MAX (NL) and CANAL SUR TV (ES). The film is sold by Amsterdam-based Nine Film and will be released in Dutch cinemas in Fall 2019.

Norbert ter Hall's romantic feature drama &ME (2013), a triangular love story set in Brussels and starring Rossy de Palma, Mark Waschke and Veronica Echegui, won the Dutch Academy Award for Best Cinematography at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2013. His drama series A'DAM-E.V.A. (3 seasons 2011-2016) became an instant hit on television and went on to win various awards such as Best International Drama Production at the Festival de la Fiction TV 2011 in La Rochelle. Both US (FOX Television) and German remakes are in development.

Mi Vida stars Dutch actress Loes Luca (Yes Nurse! No Nurse!) and the Spanish Elvira Mínguez (Todos los Saben) and is about a recently retired Dutch hairdresser whose life is transformed when she takes a language course in Spain, much to the consternation of her now grown-up children.
Mi Vida is about reaching for your dreams, even dreams that we might consider to be unattainable. Dreams that have become lost somewhere within the tedium of daily life, between grocery shopping, dishwashing and the drudgery of household accounts. Dreams that are sacrificed when the lives of others take precedence.

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