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Methusalem by Floor van der Meulen


Just before Iris can announce her pregnancy, her father breaks the news that he wants to end his life. He has had a pleasant life but is now ready for death. Faced with her father’s death wish, Iris turns into a childish girl. She can’t let the news go, and tries everything to change Jan’s mind. She desires to be close to him during their remaining time, to not let him out of her sight; therefore she decides to take him to the Slovenian Alps and steals him away from the rest of the family.

100’ / colour

Genre: drama, tragicomedy
Original title: METHUSALEM
Dir: Floor van der Meulen
Prod: Keplerfilm - Derk-Jan Warrink, Koji Nelissen
Sc: Bastiaan Kroeger
Completed: 2019
Language: Dutch, English
Cast: tbd

Floor van der Meulen:
a.o. GREETINGS FROM ALEPPO (2017, short doc), IN EXILE (2016, mid-length), 9 DAYS – FROM MY WINDOW IN ALEPPO (2016, short doc) Awards: Best Short at BFI FF, Best Short at European Film Award, STORMING PARADISE (2014, mid-length doc).

Ph: +31 6 5243 7509

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