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Messi and Maud by Marleen Jonkman
Messi and Maud

Messi and Maud

When life goes South, go North.

A chance encounter between a Dutch woman and a Chilean trucker’s young son turns into an epic adventure across Chile’s breath-taking landscapes, and down a road of discovery.

90’ / colour

Genre: drama, road movie
Original title: LA HOLANDESA
Dir: Marleen Jonkman
Prod: Smarthouse Films (NL) - Danielle Guirguis
Co-prod: FATT Productions (NL), Molotov Cine (CL)
Sc: Daan Gielis    
D.O.P.: Jeroen de Bruin
Completed: October 2017
Language: Dutch, Spanish, English
Cast: Rifka Lodeizen (DISAPPEARANCE, TONIO), Guido Pollemans (QUALITY TIME).

Marleen Jonkman:
First feature film.
NEAR NEIGHBOURS (2011, TV film), DAO (2009, short), EVERYONE WHO MEANS SOMETHING (2008, short).

Festivals a.o.:
Toronto International Film Festival
Torino International Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Emden International Film Festival
La Rochelle International Film Festival
Durban International Film Festival

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