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Men At Work In Miami
Men At Work - Miami

Men At Work - Miami

With lots of humor, spectacular choreographies and tempting muscles, four Dutch strippers try to open a stripclub in Miami.

When charismatic stripper Jorrit is single again, his best friend Bas convinces him to open a strip club in Miami. But before the stripping can commence, the men have to get to work, because the club turns out to be a construction nightmare. Soon they find themselves in the grips of real-estate king Pablo, who also turns out to be a competitor in the love department. Meanwhile, an ego clash between Bas and Jorrit leads to a disastrous opening of their club.

115' / colour

Genre: romantic comedy
Dir: Johan Nijenhuis
Prod: Johan Nijenhuis & Co - Ingmar Menning, Johan Nijenhuis
Sc: Annelou verboon
D.O.P.: Maarten van Keller
Completed: January 2020
Language: Dutch
Cast: Jim Bakkum (LOVING IBIZA, BOYS WILL BE BOYS), Eva van de Wijdeven (SCHNEIDER VS. BAX, BORGMAN,), Martijn Fischer (BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS).

Johan Nijenhuis:
a.o. CUBAN LOVE (2019, feature), LUCKY IN LOVE (2017, feature), BOYS WILL BE BOYS (2016, feature), SKIRT DAY (2015, feature), MONKEY BUSINESS (2014, feature), TUSCAN WEDDING (2014, feature), LOVING IBIZA (2013, feature), BENNIE BRAT (2011, feature) Award: Best Film-Kryla Int. Children's FF, FUCHSIA THE MINIWITCH (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Children's Movie(6+)-Giffoni FF.

Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 760 1960

Sales: DFW International
Ph: +31 88 120 2017

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