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Railmovie by Eddy Terstall & Eric Wünsch
Meet Me in Venice

Meet Me in Venice

Liza was three years old when she was abandoned by her father Mauro. When she is about to be a parent herself, she tries to contact him, but her efforts are in vain. But one day, Mauro approaches her and invites her to visit him in Venice. He takes her on a musical voyage along the route of the Orient Express: an emotional road trip through the Balkans. Liza discovers why her father contacted her: he is terminally ill.

90' / DCP / colour

Genre: drama, adventure
Original title: RAILMOVIE
Dir: Eddy Terstall & ErikWünsch
Prod: Submarine, Fu Works, OneBigAgency
Sc: Eddy Terstall
D.O.P.: Gábor Deák
Completed: spring 2015
Language: English
Cast: Beppe Costa (VALENTINO, TO BE KING), Roberta Petzoldt (DEAL), Nikola Rakocevic.

Eddy Terstall:
a.o. DEAL (2012, feature), TITTEN (2011, short), VOX POPULI (2008, feature), SEXTET (2007, feature), SIMON (2004, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calf Best Director, Best Film and Audience Award Netherlands FF, Best Actor Tribeca FF, RENT-A-FRIEND (1999, feature), BASED ON THE NOVEL (1998, feature), BABYLON (1997, feature), BASTARDS AND BRIDESMAIDS (1996, feature).

Erik Wünsch:
DEAL (2012, feature).

Ph: +31 20 330 1226

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Ph: +43 1 5249 3103

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