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Your Mother Should Know by Jeroen Houben
Matchmaker, the

Matchmaker, the

A stock photographer seeks to find the perfect man for his single mother so that he can continue his world travels.

When his job as a stock photographer no longer pays the bills, world traveler Chris (33) is forced to return home and live out of his mom’s pocket. In order to grab some fast cash and get back on the road, he makes a video for a dating agency that involves his mother. When the video accidentally goes viral, Chris has no other choice but to hang around and find his mother a date…

90' /  colour

Genre: romantic comedy, romantic drama
Original title: DE MATCHMAKER
Prod: Lemming Film (NL) - Erik Glijnis, Leontine Petit
Co-prod: A Private View (BE)
Sc: Hugh Travers, Jeroen Houben, Lotte Tabbers             
D.O.P.: Robbie van Brussel
Completed: May 2018
Language: Dutch
Cast: Benja Bruijining (THE FURY), Ariane Schluter (ACCUSED, THE MARATHON), Eva van de Weijdeven (THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK, BORGMAN), Loes Luca (YES NURSE, NO NURSE!, ABEL).

Jeroen Houben:
First feature film.
HOME SUITE HOME (2015, short), GIPS (2015, short).

Lemming Film

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