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Mascot by Remy van Heugten


Hooligan Jeremy (17) was born with a deformed mouth and thinks there is little room for him in his world, where property and externalities are at the service. His unfulfilled desires are piling up and only with his independent, strong mother Abbey he finds unconditional support. When Jeremy gets a new set of teeth and Abbey starts to move away from him, the sensitive boy falls into a dangerous, free fall.

100' / colour

Genre: drama

Original title: MASCOTTE
Dir: Remy van Heugten
Prod: Bind - Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk
Sc: Gustaaf Peek
D.O.P.: Mark van Aller
Completed: 2021
Language: Dutch
Cast: tbc

Remy van Heugten:
SON OF MINE (2015, feature) Awards: 4 Golden Calves at NFF for best film, director, screenplay and cinematography, Technical Grand Prize at World Premieres Film Festival, SMOKE LIKE A TURK (2012, short), HOW TO SURVIVE (2012, tv series), WHITE FISH (2009, feature).

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