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Painless Divorce
Marriage Escape, The

Marriage Escape, The

Smothered by his wife's love, Jan's unusual strategy to get some space, literally has him end up in a psychiatric ward.

For 35 years Jan has been married to Gedda, a woman whose love for him is suffocating. She overbearingly oversees all of his activities. Before he can grab a glass from the table, she has already given him one. What's more, his daughter finds herself in the same boat with her jealous boyfriend. In an attempt to escape his wife's attentions and to claim some space, Jan gets himself checked into a psychiatric ward. A film that asks the question, when is love simply too much?

103' / colour

Genre: comedy, drama
Dir: Johan Nijenhuis
Prod: Nijenhuis & Co - Ingmar Menning and Johan Nijenhuis
Sc: Herman Finkers
D.O.P.: Maarten van Keller
Completed: February 2020
Language: Dutch
Cast: Herman Finkers, Johanna ter Steege ( IMMORTAL BELOVED, COOL KIDS DON'T CRY), Leonie ter Braak, Ferdi Stofmeel (RENESSE).

Johan Nijenhuis:
a.o. CUBAN LOVE (2019, feature), LUCKY IN LOVE (2017, feature), BOYS WILL BE BOYS (2016, feature), SKIRT DAY (2015, feature), MONKEY BUSINESS (2014, feature), TUSCAN WEDDING (2014, feature), LOVING IBIZA (2013, feature), BENNIE BRAT (2011, feature) Award: Best Film-Kryla Int. Children's FF, FUCHSIA THE MINIWITCH (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Children's Movie(6+)-Giffoni FF.

Nijenhuis & Co
Ph: +31 20 760 1960



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