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The Marathon by Diederick Koopal

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Marathon awarded Golden Film

October 30, 2012

THE MARATHON, a comedy directed by Diederick Koopal, has reached the status of Golden Film for more than 100.000 tickets sold, since its theatrical release in the Netherlands on October 18.

THE MARATHON is Diederick Koopal’s first feature film. The movie is written by Martin van Waardenberg en Gerard Meuldijk and produced by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama in co-production with Inspire Pictures.

In THE MARATHON Four jaded men try to rescue their garage from bankruptcy by running the marathon of Rotterdam all together. But for all of them there is more at stake than only getting to the finish.

The Golden/Platinum/Diamond Film Award is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001. The prize is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films. The total number of tickets sold after a film’s release determines whether a prize is awarded.

THE MARATHON is screening in 107 national cinemas at the moment.

For more information:

Eyeworks Film & TV Drama
Ph +31 20 666 1892

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