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Manslaughter by Pieter Kuijpers


Max is sick of the rude behaviour he has to deal with. Encouraged by comedian Felix, he decides to strike back.

Encouraged by comedian Felix, who calls upon paramedics to retaliate when obstructed in their work, ambulance driver Max takes action. Unfortunately, this inadvertently causes the death of a young Dutch-Moroccan. Max is convicted of manslaughter while Felix gets off scot-free, much to Max’s frustration. After his detention, Max is determined to vindicate himself and a cat-and-mouse game ensues, Felix may have the law on his side, but Max has justice, Felix the gift of the Word, but Max the gift of Action.

85’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: thriller
Original title: DOODSLAG
Prod: Pupkin Film
Co-prod: Human 
Dir: Pieter Kuijpers 
Sc: Marcel Lenssen   
D.O.P.: Mick van Rossum
Completed: December 2011  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Theo Maassen (THE MAGICIANS, NOTHING TO LOSE), Maryam Hassouni (DUNYA AND DESIE, SACRIFIED), Gijs Scholten van Aschat (TIRZA, OXYGEN).

Beijing International Film Festival
Moscow International Film Festival

Pieter Kuijpers:
NOTHING TO LOSE (2008, feature) Award: Best Feature Film Philadelphia Int. FF, DENNIS P (2007, feature), THE HORROR BUS (2005, feature), OFF SCREEN (2005, feature) Award: Best Feature Film Philadelphia Int. FF, GODFORSAKEN (2003, feature) Awards: Golden Calf Best Director and Best Screenplay Netherlands FF, THE ARCHIVES (2003, feature).

Pupkin Film
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