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Malakeh's Daughters by Jet Homoet & Sharog Heshmat Manesh
Daughters of Malakeh-Two Iranian sisters look to the future after they give new shape to their lives.

Daughters of Malakeh

Three generations of women, wedged between two worlds, struggle to give shape to their lives in present-day Iran. In the world outside they wear headscarves and obey the rules of the state, yet in their world at home breadwinner Maryam runs the show, aided by her mother and her younger sister Ghazal. When Maryam wants to get married, however, these two worlds clash painfully, and the entire family gets involved.
Son and co-director Sharog Heshmat Manesh, living in the Netherlands, leads us into this, otherwise closed, private world. ‘Daughters of Malakeh’ gives us a unique and genuine picture of family life in Iran.

81’ / video / colour   

Dir: Jet Homoet & Sharog Heshmat Manesh
Prod: Bonanza Films  
Sc: Jet Homoet, Sharog Hesmat Manesh   
Completed: December 2010  
Language: Dutch/Farsi (English subtitles) 

Jet Homoet:
TARA (2002, doc), WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS (2001, short doc), SWEET CECILE (1999, doc), LAKEVIEW (1996, doc), THAT FIRE WITHIN (1993, short doc) Awards: New York Film Academy Award Cinéma du Réel, IDA Documentary Award & Kodak Prize Los Angeles.

Bonanza Films
Ph: +31 20 626 3801

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