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Magic Mountains
Magic Mountains

Magic Mountains

He wants to close their relationship with a last climb together. Does she dare to be alone with him in the remote mountains?

Lex, a Dutch writer of popular novels wants to close his relationship with Hannah, one that she broke off years ago, in a symbolic last climb together. A local guide will take them to a remote place in the mountains and leave them alone there. Just Lex, Hannah and the mountain. She agrees to the trip but before the guide leaves she has to ask herself a question - how well do you need to know someone to be left alone with him in the mountains?

82' / colour

Genre: drama, thriller
Original title: MAGIC MOUNTAINS
Dir: Urszula Antoniak
Prod: Family Affair Films (NL) - Floor Onrust
Co-prod: NTR (NL), Ariane Film (SK)
Sc: Urszula Antoniak
D.O.P.: Lennert Hillege
Completed: 2020
Language: Dutch, English, Polish
Cast: Hannah Hoekstra (HEMEL, APP), Thomas Ryckewaert (THE SPIRAL, COBAIN), Marcin Dorocinski

Urszula Antoniak:
BEYOND WORDS (2017, feature), NUDE AREA (2014, feature), CODE BLUE (2011, feature), NOTHING PERSONAL (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Best Debut Film and Best Actress-Locarno FF.

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