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Madly in Love by Hilde van Mieghem
Madly in Love

Madly in Love

Teenage Eva, her mother Judith, Aunt Barbara and big sister Anna work their way through the chaos called love.

Romantic comedy that focuses on the tumultuous lives of four strong women living together under one roof, all in pursuit of 'love, peace, and happiness'. First crushes, serial dating, undying lust, baby fever, affairs and indestructible love flame the fires of these women and their chaotic lives. They may be beautiful, courageous and sensible, but they all are a bit lost, and the question remains: can their male counterparts handle this dangerous cocktail of determination and female hormones...?

100’ / DCP / colour

Genre: romantic comedy
Original title: SMOORVERLIEFD
Dir: Hilde van Mieghem
Prod: Smoorverliefd Film BV
Co-prod: Caviar Film       
Sc: Hilde van Mieghem & Steve The           
D.O.P.: Jan Rubens
Language: Dutch
Cast: Susan Visser (TAPED, HEADING WEST), Anna Drijver (BELLICHER: CELL, TONY 10), Johnny de Mol (TAKING CHANCES, BLACK BOOK), Pierre Bokma (QUIZ, SCHLAFKRANKHEIT).   
Completed: Summer 2013

Hilde van Mieghem:
LOVE BELONGS TO EVERYONE (2005, feature), THE KISS (2004, feature), THE SUGARBOWL (1997, short).

Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: +31 35 623 5559

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