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Madly in Love by Hilde van Mieghem


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Madly in Love Golden Film

September 20, 2013

Romantic comedy Madly in Love has reached the status of Golden Film for more than 100.000 tickets sold since its theatrical release in the Netherlands on September 12.

The film is directed by Hilde Van Mieghem, who wrote the script together with Steven R. The and Bert Scholiers. Madly in Love is produced by MountainRoad Entertainment (NL), Incredible Film (NL) in co-production with Caviar (BE). International sales is handled by MountainRoad Entertainment.

Madly in Love is about the romantic entanglements in the turbulent lives of four women. Adolescent Eva (Beatrice Hillen), her chaotic mother Judith (Susan Visser), her brave aunt Barbara (Anna Drijver) and ambitious sister Anna (Anna Raadsveld) muddle through their lives under one roof in The Hague. They are beautiful, courageous and sensible, but sometimes they are just lost in a world full of tender love, serial dating, pure lust, love affairs, pregnancy planning and indestructible old loves.

The Golden/Platinum/Diamond Film Award is an initiative presented by the Netherlands Film Festival and the Netherlands Film Fund since 2001. The prize is intended to encourage the Dutch film industry and motivate the general public to go and see Dutch films. The total number of tickets sold after a film’s release determines whether a prize is awarded.

Madly in Love is distributed in cinemas in the Netherlands by Dutch Filmworks and is screening at 117 cinemas at the moment.

For more information:

Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Sjef Scholte
M: +31 6 53 721 827

Danielle Raaphorst
M: +31 6 53 948 986


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