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Love's Winter by Gülsah Doğan
Love's Winter-Can an arranged marriage result in true love?

Love's Winter

Can an arranged marriage result in true love?

Director Gülsah Doğan is fascinated by the love between her uncle and aunt, and attempts to discover the story behind it. During this quest we encounter other members of the Doğan family who, as it turns out, have all been forced into arranged marriages at one time. Thus the question arises as to what true love really is. For some it has grown, for others it has withered. For many it never manifested itself at all.

83’ / video / colour 

Dir: Gülsah Doğan
Prod: seriousFilm  
Sc: Gülsah Doğan   
D.O.P.: Peter Brugman
Completed: September 2010  
Language: Dutch/Turkish/Kurdish (English subtitles) 

Gülsah Doğan:
First feature length documentary.
ROMEO & JULIA (2007, short doc) Awards: Boundless Media Award, ALI B (2005, short).

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Ph: +31 10 412 9357

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