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Lost in Memories
Lost in Memories

Lost in Memories

LOST IN MEMORIES is not only an intimate film about dementia and care, but also a loving story about the impermanence of life.

What happens when director Ruud Lenssen's father is told he is suffering from dementia? While Jac clings to his idyllic meadow, mother Ria struggles with her role as a caregiver. In the meantime, the inevitable farewell is approaching.

71' / colour

Original title: WEI
Dir: Ruud Lenssen
Prod: Ruud Lenssen Documentaries
Sc: Ruud Lenssen
D.O.P.: Ruud Lenssen
Completed: November 2019
Language: Dutch

Ruud Lenssen:
First feature length documentary.
a.o. DE ZES VAN ZAERUM (2019, short doc), THE MYTH OF THE LAKE (2019, short doc), HOMELAND (2018, short doc), FLOOR (2018, short doc), DE BAERSDONCK (2018, short doc), NORMAL PEOPLE (2017, short doc), WANDERN (2017, short doc), FC POLSKA (2016, short doc).

Ruud Lenssen Documentaries
Ph: +31 6 414 35348



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