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Lost in Laos by Jonathan Kray & Vincent Lodder
Lost in Laos

Lost in Laos

After Coen receives a disturbing call from an Asian clinic telling him that his brother is very ill, he is unable to make contact. The next day, however, he receives a video from his brother saying that all is well and that he's back on the road. After a while even these videos stop and his brother goes officially missing. Eventually, after weeks of uncertainty and nightmares Coen seeks closure by deciding to follow the same trail as his brother...

70' / DCP / colour

Genre: drama, road movie
Original title: LOST IN LAOS
Dir: Jonathan Kray & Vincent Lodder
Prod: Frank's Garage
Sc: Jonathan Kray, Vincent Lodder
D.O.P.: Jonathan Kray
Completed: January 2015
Language: Dutch/English/Laotian
Cast: Jonathan Kray, Vincent Lodder (SEXTET, BROS BEFORE HOS), Rob Yee, Paul John Mcormack.

Jonathan Kray & Vincent Lodder:

First feature film.

Frank's Garage
Ph: +31 6 2152 4811


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