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Loft by Antoinette Beumer
Loft-Five friends. One deadly secret.


Five friends. One deadly secret.

Five married men have secret rendez-vous with their mistresses in a shared penthouse. This secret deal seems flawless, until one morning they stumble upon the body a young woman. None of the five men knows who she is, where she comes from or how she found her way into the penthouse. As the story evolves, they become increasingly suspicious of one another until it becomes very clear that they have been anything but open with one another.

110’ / 35mm / colour

Dir: Antoinette Beumer
Prod: Millstreet Films (NL)
Co-prod: Pupkin Film (NL), Woestijnvis (BE)  
Sc: Bart de Pauw, Saskia Noort   
Completed: December 2010  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Barry Atsma (LOVE LIFE, THE STORM), Fedja van Huêt (NIGHTRUN, AMNESIA), Gijs Naber (HAPPILY EVER AFTER, THE ODD ONE OUT), Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (GANGSTERBOYS, LEFT).

Antoinette Beumer:
Second feature film.
THE HAPPY HOUSEWIFE (2010, feature), SEE YOU IN VEGAS (2007, doc).

Millstreet Films

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Press Releases
14-02-2011  Loft Platinum Film

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