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Little Angels by  Danniel Danniel
Little Angels

Little Angels

The complex relationship between the filmmaker Danniel's  Aunt Tascha and her mother Enny, who is still traumatized by the death of her first daughters in Auschwitz.

The filmmaker is determined to study the symbiotic relationship between his Aunt Tascha (1946) and step-grandmother Enny who lives in New York, who is still  tormented by the tragic death of her two daughters 70 years ago. Even after Enny passes away, at the age of 97, leaving dozens of videos chronicling her life in Amsterdam back in the 1930s, Tasha finds herself incapable of letting go of her mother, or the past she never played a role in.

76‘ / DCP / colour    

Original title: LITTLE ANGELS
Dir.: Danniel Danniel
Prod: Windmill Film (NL)
Co-prod: Jewish Broadcasting Company (NL)       
Sc: Marco Niemeijer           
D.O.P.: Gregor Meerman
Completed: September 2015       
Language: Dutch/English

Danniel Danniel:
First feature length documentary.

Windmill Film
Ph: +31 6 5314 8543

Sales: Starline Entertainment
Ph: +44 20 7998 6270

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