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LUISTER by Astrid Bussink


If you're young and need a listening ear, you can call the so-called Kindertelefoon (Child Line). LISTEN is a colorful hotch potch of many of these Kindertelefoon conversations.

15' / colour

Original title: LUISTER
Dir: Astrid Bussink
Prod: Een van de Jongens - Hasse van Nunen, Renko Douze
Completed: November 2017                       
Language: English, Dutch

Astrid Bussink:
a.o. GIOVANNI AND THE WATER BALLET (2014, short doc) Awards: Berlinale Generation Kplus Jury Prize, IDFA Media Fund Kids & Docs Award, THE HIDEOUT (2012, short) Awards: Golden Calf at Netherlands Film Festival, MY ENSCHEDE (2010, doc), THE LOST COLONY (2008, doc), THE ANGELMAKERS (2005, short doc) Awards: IDFA Award for Best First Appearance.

Een van de jongens
Ph: +31 20 894 3628

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