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Liquid Landscape by Nan Wang
Liquid Landscape

Liquid Landscape

Microscopic worlds and macroscopic landscapes emerge from the liquid patterns. Together with a pulsating soundtrack, this film creates a sensory and psychedelic experience: a visual journey through mysterious landscapes.

11' / colour

Genre: experimental

Original title: LIQUID LANDSCAPE
Dir: Nan Wang
Prod: Juul van der Laan
Completed: November 2017
Language: no dialogue

Nan Wang:
LIQUID LANDSCAPE (2017, short), Hometown (2015, feature), DUST POETRY (2014, short) Award: Stuttgart Filmwinter Norman Award special mention, DATA DUST (2013, short), DUST NARRATIVE (2013, short).

Juul van der Laan:

Ph: +31 6 4908 0228

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