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Linoleum by Marcel Visbeen


LINOLEUM tells the story of two estranged brothers and their complicated wifes who are trying to discuss the funeral arrangements and the inheritance of their father. Soon it becomes clear that their father's death is a catalyst for many old grievances. Starring national well known actors Ricky Koole, Romijn Conen and Martijn Nieuwerf.

To maximize his artistic freedom, Marcel Visbeen produced the film entirely by himself. The cast and crew participated for free. LINOLEUM will screen this year at several international film festivals.

Directed by Marcel Visbeen, First Feature Film
Producer: Selwyn Film, ph. +31 10 477 0505
Ph. +31 6 5377 0075

Sales: Insomnia World Sales

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Press Releases
05-05-2010  Actress Anke Engels nominated for MIFF Award