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Son of Mine - Gluckauf by Remy van Heugten

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Line-up Rotterdam 2015

44th edition January 21 - February 1


Son of Mine (Gluckauf)

Directed by Remy van Heugten
Produced by Bind, info@bindfilm.nl, www.bindfilm.nl
Social drama about the oppressive relationship between a father and a son who, as modern outlaws, struggle to survive in the depleted Dutch province of Limburg.

(feature, 102')
Thu Jan 22, 09:15 Doelen Jurriaanse
(press & industry)

Thu Jan 22, 19:30 Pathe 4
Fri Jan 23, 20:00 Pathe 1
Sun Jan 25, 13:00 Oude Luxor
Tue Jan 27, 16:30 Lantaren Venster 1
Tue Jan 27, 20:00 Doelen Willem Burger (press & industry)
Sat Jan 31, 17:00 Cinerama 2



Directed by Tim Leyendekker
Produced by absent without leave, info@absentwithoutleave.org, www.absentwithoutleave.org
6386 photographs represent all objects and characters featured in the English translation of José Saramago's novel 'Ensaio sobre a Cegueira'. The film's soundtrack comprises 6386 audio samples extracted from Blindness, Fernando Meirelles's feature film based upon Saramago's novel.
(short, 13')
Thu Jan 22, 19:45 Lantaren Venster 2
Fri Jan 23, 16:45 Lantaren Venster 2
Wed Jan 28, 14:30 Lantaren Venster 2

Night Soil - Fake Paradise
Directed and produced by Melanie Bonajo, www.melaniebonajo.com
According to the artist Melanie Bonajo, ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew of various plant extracts, could have the same significance for our days as LSD had for the 1960s.
(short, 32')
Fri Jan 23, 20:00 Lantaren Venster 1
Sat Jan 24, 14:15 Lantaren Venster 1
Wed Jan 28, 09:30 Lantaren Venster 1

Time and Place - a Talk with My Mom

Directed by Martijn Veldhoen
Produced by Dutch Mountain Film, info@dutchmountainfilm.nl, www.dutchmountainfilm.nl in co-production with PVH Films
During the 1950's an artist's family moves in to an unheeded canal house in Amsterdam. In the fifty years that the family inhabits the house many alterations come. Those changes are put on screen in an visually unorthodox fashion.
(short, 35')
Sun jan 25, 17:00 Lantaren Venster 1
Mon Jan 26, 17:00 Lantaren Venster 1
Fri Jan 30, 14:00 Pathé 2


Directed and produced by Roy Villevoye
Sales: LIMA Amsterdam, theuszwakhals@li-ma.nl, www.li-ma.nl
In the rainforest Papuans build a traditional sculpture for their deceased family member Omomá. In the meantime, the filmmaker has a business conflict elsewhere.
(short, 22')
Sat Jan 24, 20:00 Lantaren Venster 1
Sun Jan 25, 12:00 Lantaren Venster 1
Thu Jan 29, 15:30 Pathe 3


The Life of Jean-Marie
Directed by Peter van Houten
Produced by Anna-Zharkov-Film, annazharkovfilm@gmail.com, www.anna-zharkov-film.com
There is Heaven and there is Earth / There is God and there is Man / Yet how does one live
Jean-Marie shows us how he does it in LA VIE DE JEAN-MARIE.

(documentary, 166')
Fri Jan 23, 16:45 Lantaren Venster 1
Mon Jan 26, 09:30 Cinerama 2 (press & industry)
Tue Jan 27, 19:15 Lantaren Venster 5
Wed Jan 28, 13:30 Cinerama 5 (press & industry)
Thu Jan 29, 09:00 Cinerama 7
Fri Jan 30, 16:30 Lantaren Venster 6

My White Shirt

Directed by Dré Didderiëns
Produced by Zuidenwind Filmprodukties, info@zuidenwind.nl, www.zuidenwind.nl
MY WHITE SHIRT is a film about the intensity of life, about dealing with loss and the inner struggle of a remarkable young man.
(documentary, 70')
Wed Jan 28, 09:15 Cinerama 2 (press & industry)
Wed Jan 28, 19:15 Pathe 6
Thu Jan 29, 17:00 Lantaren Venster 2
Fri Jan 30, 14:15 Lantaren Venster 5
Sat Jan 31, 09:15 Cinerama 5


Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice

Directed by Daan Veldhuizen
Produced by Viewpoint Productions, docs@viewpointdocs.com, www.viewpointdocs.com
Sales: Illumina Films, info@illuminafilms.nl, www.illuminafilms.nl
Two worlds meet at the crossroads of their respective desire; the one longing for authenticity, the other for modernity.
(documentary, 85')
Fri Jan 23, 18:30 Pathe 6
Sat Jan 24, 22:30 Cinerama 3
Mon Jan 26, 22:00 Cinerama 2
Sat Jan 31, 09:30 Pathe 3

Hearts Know * the Runaway Brides

Directed by Kris Kristinsson
Produced by Kristinsson Film, kriskristinsson@gmail.com
"The happiest day of your life"? That's questionable. HEARTS KNOW makes you feel the joy and confusion of women that are running away from their own wedding.
(feature, 72')
Sat Jan 24, 19:45 Cinerama 3
Sun Jan 25, 09:15 Pathe 2
Tue Jan 27, 14:30 Cinerama 3
Fri Jan 30, 16:30 Cinerama 4


12 Months in 1 Day

Directed by Margot Schaap
Produced by Een van de Jongens, jongens@eenvandejongens.nl, www.eenvandejongens.nl
Misha, Seb and Yvonne drift away from a New Year's Eve party and start walking not knowing where they are heading. Coping with the loss of their brother, old friend and first love, they delay time: while they experience their continuous walk to last only 24 hours, in fact an entire year passes.
(feature, 74')
Mon Jan 26, 19:15 Pathe 3
Tue Jan 27, 22:00 Cinerama 5
Sat Jan 31, 12:30 Pathe 3

Alice Cares

Directed by Sander Burger
Produced by KeyDocs, info@keydocs.nl, www.keydocs.nl
Three elderly single women receive a remarkable visitor: as an experiment, care robot Alice is placed in their home for a while. This newcomer is not without an effect on the elderly ladies.
(documentary, 89')
Fri Jan 23, 19:30 Pathe 2
Sat Jan 24, 11:45 Cinerama 5
Thu Jan 29, 22:15 Lantaren Venster 1
Sat Jan 31, 19:15 Lantaren Venster 6


Directed by Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Produced by Augustus Productions (NL), info@augustusfilm.com, in co-production with Man's Film (BE), Endorphine Produktion (DE)
Sales: Fortissimo Films, info@fortissimo.nl, www.fortissimo.nl
After watching European tourists come and go for many years, Fettah takes off on an epic ocean journey along the Moroccan Atlantic coast to Europe on a windsurf board.
(feature, 89')
Sat Jan 24, 16:00 Schouwburg Grote Zaal (IFFR Live)
Sun Jan 25, 12:45 Pathe 4
Tue Jan 27, 21:45 Cinerama 1
Thu Jan 29, 22:30 Cinerama 3 (press & industry)
Sat Jan 31, 19:00 Pathe 1

Between 10 and 12

Directed by Peter Hoogendoorn
Produced by Keren Cogan Films (NL), info@kerencoganfilms.com, www.kerencoganfilms.com, and Phanta Film (NL)
Between the hours of ten and twelve a piece of news stops a family in its tracks, while around them life goes on as before.
(feature, 70')
Tue Jan 27, 19:15 Pathe 7
Wed jan 28, 15:15 Pathe 2
Thu Jan 29, 16:45 Cinerama 3 (press & industry)
Sat Jan 31, 10:00 Lantaren Venster 3

Erbarme Dich - Matthäus Passion Stories

Directed by Ramón Gieling
Produced by KeyDocs, info@keydocs.nl, www.keydocs.nl
Sales: Doc & Film International, doc@docandfilm.com, www.docandfilm.com
A labyrinthine narrative in which such people as Peter Sellars, Emio Greco, Simon Halsey and painter Rinke Nijburg relate their special relationship with the music of Bach, with Pieter Jan Leusink's Bach Choir & Orchestra providing the score and a group of homeless people serving as their audience.
(documentary, 98')
Sat Jan 24, 14:00 Doelen Willem Burger (press & industry)
Sun Jan 25, 16: Schouwburg Grote Zaal (IFFR Live)
Mon Jan 26, 12:15 Pathe 2
Wed Jan 28, 11:30 Doelen Jurriaanse (press & industry)
Thu Jan 29, 19:15 Cinerama 6
Sat Jan 31, 11:30 Cinerama 4

The Sky Above Us

Directed by Marinus Groothof
Produced by CTM Pictures (NL), pictures@ctm.nl, www.ctmpictures.nl, in co-production with Entre Chien et Loup (BE), Art & Popcorn (RS), Heretic (GR)
Sales: Doc & Film International, doc@docandfilm.com, www.docandfilm.com, and Heretic Outreach, www.heretic.gr
As Belgrade silently gets ready for yet another night of NATO bombings, Ana, Bojan and Sloba try to retain their sanity while dealing with their fears.
(feature, 90')
Tue Jan 27, 09:15 De Doelen Jurriaanse (press & industry)
Wed Jan 28, 09:15 De Doelen Jurriaanse (press & industry)
Thu Jan 29, 13:00 Pathe 3 (IFFR Live)
Fri Jan 30, 22:00 Lantaren Venster 5
Sat Jan 31, 16:30 Cinerama 6


Conducting Boijmans

Directed by Sonia Herman Dolz
Produced by Interakt, interakt@interakt.nl, www.interakt.nl
CONDUCTING BOIJMANS is a compelling film showing us unique moments in the working life of a charismatic museum director.
(documentary, 75')
Fri Jan 30, 19:30 Oude Luxor
Sat Jan 31, 09:30 Lantaren Venster 5

Portrait of a Garden

Directed by Rosie Stapel
Produced by Rose is Rose Film, rosiestapel@me.com, www.roseisarosefilm.com
Sales: Daan van der Have, daanvanderhave@me.com
In a historical vegetable garden on a Dutch estate, the 85 year-old pruning master and the gardener tend to the espaliers. As they prune, the men chat about food, the weather, the world and they share their knowledge of horticulture.
(documentary, 98')
Fri Jan 23, 17:30 Cinerama 4 (press & industry)
Sat Jan 24, 12:15 Pathe 6
Wed Jan 28, 16:45 Lantaren Venster 6


Directed by Erik van Lieshout
Produced by Popov Film, info@popovfilm.nl, www.popovfilm.nl
A hyper-personal epic about the artist as a worker, about the balance of power between producer and filmmaker and about the collective versus the autocracy of the artist.
(feature, 80')
Fri Jan 23, 21:45 Lantaren Venster 1
Fri Jan 30, 18:30 Pathe 6

More Dutch films will be screened in a.o. the programme sections As Long as it Takes and Signals 24/7.
For more information and up-to-date screening details: www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com


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