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Line-up Rotterdam 2014

43rd edition January 22 – February 2


Farewell to the Moon
Directed by Dick Tuinder
Produced by Column Film, info@columnfilm.com, www.columnfilm.com
Sales: Media Luna New Films, idamartins@medialuna.biz, www.medialuna.biz
1972. The last man on the moon. A boy's first love affair.
(feature, 90’)
Tue Jan 28, 11:15 Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Wed Jan 29, 20:00 Pathé 1
Thu Jan 30, 12:30 Pathé 7
Thu Jan 30, 12:30 Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Fri Jan 31, 19:15 Pathé 4
Sat Feb 1, 16:30 Cinerama 6

Happily Ever After

Directed by Tatjana Bozic
Produced by JvdW Film, info@jvdwfilm.nl, www.jvdwfilm.nl
A merciless and humorous portrait of the filmmaker. In a desperate attempt to save her relationship, she visits her ex-boyfriends.
(documentary, 82’)
Sat Jan 25, 13:00 Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Sun Jan 26, 18:45 Pathé 7
Mon Jan 27, 12:15 Pathé 6
Tue Jan 28, 22:15 Lantaren Venster 3
Wed Jan 29, 13:00 Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Thu Jan 30, 15:30 Pathé 2
Sat Feb 1, 09:30 Cinerama 7


After the Tone

Directed by Digna Sinke
Produced by SNG Film, sngfilm@xs4all.nl, www.sngfilm.nl
How do you deal with the fact that someone close to heart has suddenly disappeared without a trace?
(feature, 85’)
Sat Jan 25, 09:00 Cinerama 7 (Press & Industry)
Sun Jan 26, 15:15 Pathé 2
Mon Jan 27, 11:30 Cinerama 6
Thu Jan 30, 16:45 Lantaren Venster 5
Fri Jan 31, 09:30 Cinerama 3

Directed by Stefano Odoardi
Produced by O Film (NL), odoardistefano@gmail.com, www.stefanodoardi.it
in co-production with Strike fp (IT)
An Angel inspired on the Duino Poems by Rilke wanders through the ruins of a contemporary Hell, a city recently destroyed by an earthquake where a group of damned are imprisoned.
(feature, 71’)
Mon Jan 27, 11:30 Pathé 3 (Press & Industry)
Tue Jan 28, 19:30 Cinerama 5
Wed Jan 29, 14:30 Cinerama 5
Fri Jan 31, 14:30 Cinerama 5

See No Evil
Directed by Jos de Putter
Produced by Dieptescherpte, info@deepfocus.nl
Sales: Films Transit International, info@filmstransit.com, www.filmstransit.com
The daily life of three famous senior chimpanzees, inhabitants of retirement homes: Cheeta, the most famous ape on the planet, last survivor of the Tarzan pictures, Kanzi, the smartest ape on the planet, and Knuckles, survivor of the space age. 
(documentary, 75’)
Fri Jan 24, 11:30 Cinerama 4 (Press & Industry)
Sat Jan 25, 15:15 Pathé 6
Sun Jan 26, 11:30 Cinerama 6
Wed Jan 29, 18:45 Pathé 7
Sat Feb 1, 22:30 Lantaren Venster 3


Directed by Eché Janga
Produced by Topkapi Films, info@topkapifilms.nl, www.topkapifilms.nl
A criminal realises the insignificance of being after experiencing a revelation on the island of Texel.
(feature, 90’)
Sat Jan 25, 18:30 Pathé 5
Sun Jan 26, 22:00 Cinerama 6
Mon Jan 27, 22:15 Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Thu Jan 30, 18:30 Pathé 2
Sat Feb 1, 15:15 Pathé 6


Sexy Money
Directed by Karin Junger
Produced by De Productie, info@deproductie.nl, www.deproductie.nl
A musical documentary about the emancipation of Nigerian women who have been exploited and humiliated as prostitutes in Europe and now, filled with a lust for life, are embarking on a new life.
(documentary, 80’)
Fri Jan 24, 14:15 Cinerama 5 (Press & Industry)
Sun Jan 26, 16:30 Cinerama 6
Tue Jan 28, 21:30 Pathé 2
Thu Jan 30, 21:45 Lantaren Venster 6



Directed by Yael Bartana
Produced by My-I Productions, naama.pyritz@gmail.com / Saskia@my-i.com
Sales: Annet Gelink Gallery, floor@annetgelink.com
An historical pre-enactment that commingles fact and fiction, prophesy and history of the third Temple of Solomon in São Paulo.
(short, 18’)
Sat Jan 25, 16:30 Lantaren Venster 1
Sun Jan 26, 14:15 Lantaren Venster 1
Thu Jan 30, 15:45 Pathé 3

More Dutch films will be screened in the programme sections IFFR+, Bright Future and Spectrum Shorts. For more information and up-to-date screening details: www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/en

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