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Films from the Netherlands at IFFR 2013

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Line-up IFFR 2013

Films from the Netherlands at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013
42nd edition January 23 – February 3

Tiger Awards Competition

The Resurrection of a Bastard   
Directed by Guido van Driel
(feature, 90’)
A hilarious and lyrical story, with a sometimes  grim undertone, based on the graphic novel by Guido van Driel.
Produced by Topkapi Films, info@topkapifilms.nl, www.topkapifilms.nl
Thu Jan 24, 13:45 De Doelen Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Fri Jan 25, 19:00 Pathé 4
Sat Jan 26, 09:30 Cinerama 5 (Press & Industry)
Sat Jan 26, 16:00 Pathé 7
Sun Jan 27, 12:45 Pathé 5
Tue Jan 29, 09:00 Pathé 5 (Press & Industry)
Sat Feb 02, 19:15 Pathé 1

Silent Ones   
Directed by Ricky Rijneke
(feature, 97’)
After her brother's disappearance, a young woman leaves aboard a cargo ship to keep her promise of finding a better life.
Produced by Rotterdam Films, info@rotterdamfilms.nl, www.rotterdamfilms.nl
Sales: WIDE Management, lm@widemanagement.com, www.widemanagement.com
Sat Jan 26, 18:00 Cinerama 5 (Press & Industry)
Sun Jan 27, 09:15 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Sun Jan 27, 16:30  Pathé 4
Tue 29, 11:30 Pathé 5 (Press & Industry)
Tue Jan 29, 16:30 Pathé 4
Wed Jan 30,  22:15 Pathé 3
Sat Feb 2, 18:45 Pathé 5

Bright Future

Directed by Kees Brienen
(feature, 80’)
A true story about love, life and death...
Produced by De Productie, info@deproductie.nl, www.deproductie.nl
Fri Jan 25, 19:30 Pathé 3
Sat Jan 26, 21:15 Pathé 6
Mon Jan 28, 11:00 Cinerama 3  (Press & Industry)
Tue Jan 29, 19:15 Cinerama 6
Thu Jan 31, 17:15 Cinerama 7

The Deflowering of Eva van End
Directed by Michiel ten Horn
(feature, 98’)
A tragicomedy about the Van End family who, after the arrival of an impossibly perfect German exchange student, can no longer imagine how they ever managed to live with their imperfect selves.
Produced by Pupkin Film, info@pupkin.com, www.pupkin.com
Sales: M-appeal, berlinoffice@m-appeal.com, www.m-appeal.com
Sun Jan 27, 13:00 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (Press & Industry)
Tue Jan 29, 19:30 Oude Luxor
Wed Jan 30, 20:30 Pathé 1
Fri Feb 01, 11:45 Cinerama 3
Sat Feb 02, 13:00 Cinerama 4

Devastated by Love   

Directed by Ari Deelder
(feature, 87’)
Struggling with a writer's block, Arie finds his muse in Sonja, a beautiful red haired cable car driver. When her line is cancelled, he desperately searches the city for his one big love. Lost in a romantic daydream, his life is slowly going to the dogs.
Produced by StudioRev, info@studiorev.nl, www.studiorev.nl
Thu Jan 24, 09:30 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (P&I)
Fri Jan 25, 19:15 Pathé 1
Sat Jan 26, 18:45 Pathé 7
Sun Jan 27, 17:15 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (P&I)
Tue Jan 29, 12:00 Cinerama 2
Fri Feb 1,  17:15 Cinerama 2

Directed by Diederik Ebbinge
(feature, 87’)
After a chance encounter, a lonely widower teams up with a complete stranger to search for enlightenment and a new lease on life.
Produced by Column Film, info@columnfilm.com, www.columnfilm.com
Sun Jan 27, 19:30 Pathé 1
Mon Jan 28, 13:00 Pathé 6
Tue Jan 29, 13:00 LV 3 (P&I)
Sat Feb 02, 13:00 Pathé 4

The New World  
Directed by Jaap van Heusden
(feature, 85’)
A chance meeting between a Dutch cleaner and an African asylum seeker leads to an unexpected relationship and ten extraordinary days.
Produced by IJswater Films, films@ijswater.nl, www.ijswater.nl
Tue Jan 29, 14:00 Pathé 5  (Press & Industry)
Wed Jan 30, 09:15 Cinerama 6 (Press & Industry)
Wed Jan 30, 19:00 Pathé 7
Thu Jan 31, 10:00 Pathé 5
Fri Feb 01, 16:00 Pathé 4
Sat Feb 02, 09:30 Oude Luxor

Die Welt

Directed by Alex Pitstra
(feature, 80’)
Tunisia dreams of a better Tunisia. Abdallah dreams of a better life.
Produced by Alex Pitstra Media, alexpitstra@gmail.com, www.alexpitstra.nl
Fri Jan 25, 17:45 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (P&I)
Sat Jan 26, 21:00 Pathé 7
Sun Jan 27, 12:15 Pathé 6
Mon Jan 28, 14:15 Cinerama 1
Tue Jan 29, 13:00 Cinerama 5 (P&I)
Thu Jan 31, 19:15 Cinerama 4


Hill Of Pleasures
Directed by Maria Ramos
(documentary, 95’)
In 2011, law and order was restored by military operation in the Hill of Pleasures slum in Rio de Janeiro.
The Police Pacification Unit became the tool of Brazil’s new policy of conquering citizenship.
How do inhabitants and occupants of the Hill assess their new situation?

Produced by KeyDocs, info"keydocs.nl, www.keydocs.nl
Sales: NPO Sales, info@nposales.com, www.nposales.com
Mon Jan 28, 18:30 Pathé 2
Tue Jan 29, 13:30 Pathé 2 (P&I)
Wed Jan 30, 16:15 Pathé 3
Thu Jan 31, 11:45 LV 1
Sat Feb 02, 14:15 LV 5

How to Describe a Cloud
Directed by David Verbeek
(feature, 80')
Looking after her blind mother, Liling is confronted with the troublesome co-existence of scientific realism and supernatural sensitivity.
Produced by Conijn Film, wout@conijnfilm.nl, www.facebook.com/Howtodescribeacloud
Fri Jan 25, 14:30 Pathé 6 (P&I)
Sat Jan 26, 19:15 Pathé 1
Sun Jan 27, 15:30 Pathé 7
Mon Jan 28, 19:30 De Doelen-Jurriaanse
Tue Jan 29, 17:00 De Doelen-Jurriaanse (P&I)
Thu Jan 31, 14:15 LV 5

Lee Towers: The Voice of Rotterdam
Directed by Hans Heijnen
(documentary, 93’)
The story of a man with an eternal passion for his family, his music, and about glitter and glamour along the Maas.
Produced by Hans Heijnen Films, hansheijnenfilms@planet.nl, www.hansheijnenfilms.nl
Sat Jan 26, 11:45 Cinerama 3 (P&I)
Sun Jan 27, 19:00 Oude Luxor
Mon Jan 28, 11:30 Cinerama 6
Thu Jan 31, 21:45 Cinerama 4
Sat Feb 02, 09:00 LV 1

Tiger Awards Competition Shorts

Directed by David Verbeek
(short, 17’)
Experimental dance film describing the end of a love story .A film that explores the connections between physicality and emotional longing.
Produced by Can June International, stella@canjune.com.tw, www.canjune.com.tw
Fri Jan 25, 17:00 LV 1
Sat Jan 26, 14:15 LV 1
Thu Jan 31, 16:15 Pathé 3

Directed and produced by Sebastian Diaz Morales
(short, 12’)
Film provides the world with a mirror image, one that the author can shape to match his interpretation and critique, one that can often be accessed by crossing the mirror’s surface.
Sebastian Diaz Morales, www.sebastiandiazmorales.com
Fri Jan 25, 17:00 LV 1
Sat Jan 26, 14:15 LV 1
Thu Jan 31, 16:15 Pathé 3


Directed by Erik van Lieshout
(short, 51’)
Erik van Lieshout, artist, meets the family of a recently deceased man, Janus, who lived next to his studio. This is a start for explorations in his neighbourhood, contemplations about the relationship between art, politics, society and raises questions about the social power of the artist.
Produced by Erik van Lieshout BV, erikstudio@xs4all.nl, www.erikvanlieshout.com
Fri Jan 25, 20:30 LV 1
Sat Jan 26, 12:00 LV 1
Thu Jan 31, 19:15 Pathé 3

Number Fourteen, Home
Directed by Guido van der Werve
(short, 54’)
Produced by Roofvogel, info@roofvogel.org, www.roofvogel.org
Thu Jan 24, 20:00 LV 1
Fri Jan 25, 15:00 LV 1
Thu Jan 31, 14:15 Cinerama 1

Unsupported Transit
Directed and produced by Zachary Formwalt
(short, 15’)
Set on a construction site in Shenzhen, where a new stock exchange is being built, a story unfolds between Eadweard Muybridge's early sequential photography and Karl Marx's final volume of “Capital”.
Zachary Formwalt, mail@zacharyformwalt.com, www.zacharyformwalt.com
Sat Jan 26, 20:00 LV 1
Sun Jan 27, 12:00 LV 1
Fri Feb 01, 10:15 Pathé 3

More Dutch films will be screened in the programme sections Signals, Spectrum Shorts and Made in Rotterdam.
For more information and up-to-date screening details: www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/en

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