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Line Up IFFR 2012

International Film Festival Rotterdam, 25 January  – 5 February 2012



Directed by Fow Pyng Hu
Nick is his own worst enemy and he knows it, so to escape reality he embarks upon a journey to Croatia.
Produced by Topkapi Films, info@topkapifilms.nl, www.topkapifilms.nl
(feature, 85’)
Sun 29 Jan, 19:00 Pathé 1
Mon 30 Jan, 10:30 Pathé 4
Tue 31 Jan, 16:00 Lantaren/Venster 1
Fri 3 Feb, 17:00 Lantaren/Venster 6

Directed by Peter van Houten
The poetical film I'M STILL ALIVE tells the story of Jadwiga Kubis Waslicka, an old Polish lady. In Warsaw, the city where she was born, she struggles with her body's decline all alone. At the end of her life innumerable angels are waiting for her.
Produced by Peter van Houten, petervanhouten@hotmail.com
(documentary, 86’)
Mon 30 Jan, 17:15 Lantaren/Venster 2
Wed 1 Feb, 10:00 Cinerama 6
Thu 2 Feb, 22:30 Lantaren/Venster 2

Directed by Klaartje Quirijns
When the International Criminal Court was established, the victims of heinous crimes would be given justice. Swimming in the murky waters of morality and justice, this film will explore the different conceptions of Western values, focussing particularly on the situation in Uganda.
Produced by Submarine, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl
Sales: Autlook Filmsales, welcome@autlookfilms.com, www.autlookfilms.com
(documentary, 64’)
Sun 29 Jan, 15:15 Pathé 6
Mon 30 Jan, 10:00 Cinerama 6
Thu 2 Feb, 22:45 Cinerama 4


WAVUMBA – They Who Smell of Fish
Directed by Jeroen van Velzen
A filmmaker returns to Kenya to rediscover the enchanting world of his youth.
Produced by SNG Film, sngfilm@xs4all.nl, www.sngfilm.nl
(documentary, 76’)
Thu 26 Jan,18:30 Pathé 2
Fri 27 Jan, 09:45 Pathé 6
Tue 31 Jan, 12:15 Lantaren/Venster 2
Thu 2 Feb, 17:00 Lantaren/Venster 6


Directed by Martijn van Boven & Tom Tlalim
Abstract documentary about a data environment. Based on a list of cities, villages
and unnamed places in North Africa that were part of old pilgrim routes.
Produced by Martijn van Boven, info@fieldnotesfromamine.org, www.fieldnotesfromamine.org
(short, 20’)
Sat 28 Jan, 16:45 Lantaren/Venster 1
Sun 29 Jan, 14:45 Lantaren/Venster 3

Directed by Jeroen Eisinga
Performance artist Jeroen Eisinga is gradually covered by a pulsating, squirming bee mass. A claustrophobic image of fearlessness and patience.
Produced by Jeroen Eisinga, jeroeneisinga@hotmail.com
(short, 19’)
Thu 26 Jan, 20:00 Lantaren/Venster 3
Fri 27 Jan, 17:15 Lantaren/Venster 3


Directed by José Miguel Biscaya
#29 displays a digital conversion of mediated land and the endless exploration for an argument.
Produced by José Miguel Biscaya, jose@jmbiscaya.com, www.jmbiscaya.com
(short, 7’)
Sat 28 Jan, 20:00 Lantaren/Venster 6
Mon 30 Jan, 14:45 Lantaren/Venster 5

Directed by Anna Abrahams
A timeless journey across Europe’s mountaintops. Do angels fly there? Or do you have to battle dragons?
Produced by Stichting Rongwrong, rong@dds.nl, www.rongwrong.net
(short, 23’)
Sun 29 Jan, 15:00 Lantaren/Venster 2
Mon 30 Jan, 17:15 Lantaren/Venster 5

Directed by Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Two women encounter each other in a building under construction in Rio de Janeiro. Bete Mendes and Deise Tigrona have – each in their own way – given meaning to the idea of a public voice.
Produced by If I Can't Dance and Wendelien van Oldenborgh, info@ificantdance.org, www.ificantdance.org
(short, 40’)
Fri 27 Jan, 22:00 WORM

Directed by Esther Urlus
Dense, addictive, multi-pass, colour printing with trees shorn of their leaves transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour. Theoretically ...
Produced by Esther Urlus, esther@worm.org
(short, 7’)
Sat 28 Jan, 17:00 Lantaren/Venster 6
Sun 29 Jan, 17:00 Lantaren/Venster 6

Directed by Wouter Venema
A place that seems to spin according to its own rhythm, like a strangely wound clock.
Produced by absent without leave, production@absentwithoutleave.org, www.absentwithoutleave.org
(short, 18’)
Thu 26 Jan 20:15 Lantaren/Venster 2
Sat 28 Jan 17:30 Lantaren/Venster 2

Directed by Eveline Ketterings
A short film based on the Aria  Ach, ich fühl's of Pamina in the opera of Mozart's Zauberflöte (the Magic Flute).
Produced by Sheep Entertainment, info@sheep-entertainment.nl, www.sheep-entertainment.nl
(short, 5’)
Sun 29 Jan, 19:15 Pathe 3
Mon 30 Jan, 23:00 Cinerama 5
Wed 1 Feb, 14:45 Lantaren/Venster 2

Directed by Telcosystems
A digital world, unstable and multimodal by nature, reveals itself through bits and pieces traveling at superluminal velocity.
Produced by Spatial Media Laboratories, info@spatialmedialabs.org, www.spatialmedialabs.org
(short, 29’)
Sat 28 Jan, 20:00 Lantaren/Venster 3
Mon 30 Jan, 14:45 Lantaren/Venster 5

More Dutch films will be screened in the programme sections Spectrum, Bright Future, Spectrum Shorts, Signals: Regained and Made in Rotterdam.
For more information and up-to-date screening details: www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/en

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