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IDFA 2011

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Line-up IDFA 2011

Line-up Dutch Docs at IDFA 2011

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, November 16 - 27, 2011

Feature-Length Competition & Dutch Competition

Directed by Ramon Gieling
A journey into the mystery that is Canto Ostinato, a composition that has dramatically affected the lives of many people.
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Janneke Doolaard, janneke.doolaard@eyeworks.tv, www.eyeworks.tv
Co-prod: Prime Time (Belgium) & Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (NL)
Sales: NPO Sales, www.nposales.nl
Thu 17-11, 14:00 Tuschinski 3
Sat 19-11, 21:00 Tuschinski 1   
Tue 22-11, 22:00 Munt 09   
Thu 24-11, 15:30 Munt 09 
Sat 26-11, 19:30 DLM: Mary Dresselhuys Zaal   

Directed by Frank Scheffer
A picturesque impression of a period in the life of Vienna-based Iranian composer Nader Mashayekhi, who was asked to lead the Tehran Symphony Orchestra.
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film, info@pvhfilm.nl, www.pvhfilm.nl
Co-prod: EuroArts Medien AG (Germany)
Thu 17-11, 15:45 Tuschinski 3  
Sat 19-11, 21:00 Munt 11
Tue 22-11, 18:45 Tuschinski 4   
Thu 24-11, 16:00 Tuschinski 2   
Sun 27-11, 16:15 Tuschinski 4

Competition for First Appearance & Dutch Competition

 Srories from Lakka Beach

Directed by Daan Veldhuizen
The daily life and dreams of the future of five villagers in a coastal town in post-war Sierra Leone.
Prod: Bydesign, Daan Veldhuizen 
Co-prod: Viewpoint Productions, docs@viewpointdocs.com
Sales: Illumina Films, Robin Brinster, info@illuminafilms.nl, www.Illuminafilms.nl
Thu 17-11, 14:00 Munt 13    
Sat 19-11, 15:15 Tuschinski 2   
Tue 22-11, 20:00 Munt 09    
Thu 24-11, 14:30 OBA  

Mid-length Competition & Dutch Competition

Directed by Catherine van Campen
A portrait of artist Ronald Ophuis, whose work often focuses on extreme violence.
Prod: Zuidenwind Filmproductions, Joost Seelen, info@zuidenwind.nl, www.zuidenwind.nl
Thu 17-11, 17:45 Tuschinski 3   
Sat 19-11, 17:45 Tuschinski 2  
Sun 20-11, 16:30 Brakke Grond Expozaal   
Mon 21-11, 22:00 Munt 09

Dutch Competition 

Directed by Michiel van Erp
A portrait of several first-generation transsexuals, all old women now. Did their sex change operation change their lives as they had hoped?
Prod: De Familie, info@defamilie.net, www.defamilie.net
Sales: CAT&Docs, Catherine Le Clef, info@catndocs.com
Thu 17-11, 10:30 Tuschinski 3        
Sat 19-11, 16:30 Munt 11   
Sun 20-11, 20:00 Tuschinski 5   
Thu 24-11, 20:00 Tuschinski 6

Directed by Klaas Bense
Portraits of six anonymous, ordinary people who changed the course of history with their small acts of protest.
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Janneke Doolaard, janneke.doolaard@eyeworks.tv, www.eyeworks.tv
Co-prod: Prime Time (Belgium) & Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (NL)
Thu 17-11, 17:45 Munt 13    
Sun 20-11, 12:15 Tuschinski 1    
Tue 22-11, 19:30 OBA    
Thu 24-11, 15:15 Munt 10    
Sun 27-11, 16:00 Podium Mozaïek  

Directed by Albert Elings
The life story of a former child soldier from South Sudan who seeks asylum in the Netherlands and enrolls in law school so he can help reconstruct his country.
Prod: IDTV Docs, Suzanne van Voorst, docs@idtv.nl, www.idtv.nl
Thu 17-11, 12:15 Tuschinski 3     
Sat 19-11, 12:00 Munt 11  
Mon 21-11, 18:00 Tuschinski 2   
Thu 24-11, 20:00 Brakke Grond Expozaal 
Sun 27-11, 14:00 Podium Mozaïek

Directed by Peter Lataster, Petra Lataster-Czisch
Two days in the life of an autistic teenager who puts his mother and coach's patience to the test with almost devilish pleasure.
Prod: IDTV Docs, Carolijn Borgdorff, docs@idtv.nl, www.idtv.nl
Sat 19-11, 16:30 Tuschinski 3    
Tue 22-11, 19:30 Munt 11  
Wed 23-11, 22:30 Tuschinski 5    
Fri 25-11, 11:15 Munt 09

Directed by Femke van Velzen, Ilse van Velzen
In a subtle and surprisingly open documentary, a bold Congolese attorney investigates a rape case in which the suspect has fallen victim to a failing justice system.
Prod: IFProductions, Ilse van Velzen & Femke van Velzen, info@ifproductions.nl
Sales: Films Transit International Inc, Jan Röfekamp, office@filmstransit.com
Thu 17-11, 12:00 Munt 13  
Sun 20-11, 17:00 Tuschinski 1    
Tue 22-11, 22:15 Munt 10    
Wed 23-11, 19:30 OBA

THE SOUND OF THE BANDONEÓN (El sonido del bandoneón)
Directed by Jiska Rickels
"Anything of great value returns when the time is ripe," knows the famous old Argentine composer and bandoneón player Néstor Marconi, remembering the tango prohibition of the former military regime....
Prod: Selfmade Films, Jan de Ruiter & Niek Koppen, mail@selfmadefilms.nl  
Co-prod: NTVF Producties, Marc Nelissen
Thu 17-11, 10:30 Munt 13   
Fri 18-11, 20:00 Tuschinski 1    
Mon 21-11, 22:00 Escape Club   
Thu 24-11, 13:30 Munt 09  

Directed by Gabriëlle Provaas, Rob Schröder
The life stories of prostitute twin sisters Martine and Louise Fokkens provide a sometimes hilarious, sometimes distressing peek into the world of paid love. 
Prod: Submarine, Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl
Sales: Autlook Filmsales, Peter Jäger, peter@autlookfilms.com
Fri 18-11, 13:30 Tuschinski 3       
Sat 19-11, 18:30 Tuschinski 1    
Tue 22-11, 22:00 Tuschinski 1  
Wed 23-11, 18:00 Munt 09

900 DAYS
Directed by Jessica Gorter
Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad (September 1941-January 1944) matter-of-factly separate the propagandistic myth from their horrific personal memories.
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV, Frank van den Engel,info@zeppers.nl, www.zeppers.nl
Sales: Deckert Distribution, Heino Deckert, info@deckert-distribution.com
Thu 17-11, 10:30 Munt 12    
Mon 21-11, 20:00 Tuschinski 2 
Wed 23-11, 17:00 OBA
Thu 24-11, 13:15 Munt 10

Directed by Simone de Vries
This film looks for an answer to the question of why the number of suicides among young American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is so frighteningly high.
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV, Frank van den Engel, info@zeppers.nl, www.zeppers.nl
Sales: First Hand Films, Esther van Messel, info@firsthandfilms.com
Thu 17-11, 12:15  Munt 12   
Sat 19-11, 22:00 Tuschinski 2    
Mon 21-11, 14:30 OBA 
Wed 23-11, 17:45 Munt 10 

Directed by Ingrid Wender, Maasja Ooms
Three people speak candidly about the impact of a near-death experience on their lives. Are they living life differently now?
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV, Frank van den Engel,info@zeppers.nl, www.zeppers.nl
Sales: First Hand Films, Christiane Dankbar, info@firsthandfilms.com
Thu 17-11, 14:00 Munt 12      
Sat 19-11, 19:30 Tuschinski 2 
Tue 22-11, 16:00 Tuschinski 5  
Thu 24-11, 15:30 Munt 13    

For Dutch documentaries screening in other IDFA competitions and IDFA programmes, please go to: www.idfa.nl 


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