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Line-up Dutch Docs @ Hot Docs 2013

20 March 2013

Three documentaries from the Netherlands have been selected for the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Hot Docs is the largest documentary film festival in North-America, which takes place in Toronto from 25 april - 5 mei, 2013.


The Only Son

Selected in the World Showcase Programme is The Only Son, directed by Simonka de Jong. The film is produced by IDTV Docs and co-produced by Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (NL), Off World (BE), Elizabeth Mandel (USA).

Pema, 19, is supposed to marry a girl from home, a Nepali Himalayan village at an altitude of 13,000 feet. Pema grew up in a Kathmandu orphanage as poverty and illness forced his parents to give most of their 6 children away. Today, the unusual family is scattered around the globe. It would be the only son's duty to tend to the family home in the mountains. But Pema wants to study abroad, and live a modern life.



Hill of Pleasures,
directed by Maria Ramos, is selected for the International Spectrum programme. The film is produced by KeyDocs, in co-production with Nofoco Filmes (Brasil) and the VPRO (Dutch Public Broadcasting).
Set against one of the world’s most stunning views, a slum community in Rio de Janeiro stands divided between 30 years of lawlessness and the newly appointed police unit that’s tasked with taking control back from drug dealers and criminals.



Selected in the Special Presentations programme is Wrong Time Wrong Place, directed by John Appel. The film is produced by Cobos Films.
The young survivors of the 2011 Norway attacks recall the tragic events and the role that chance played in placing them in harm’s way, but also in their ultimate survival.


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Voor meer informatie:

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival: www.hotdocs.ca

The Only Son
Producent: IDTV Docs, docs@idtv.nl, www.idtvdocs.nl
Sales: First Hand Films, stories@firsthandfilms.com, www.firsthandfilms.com

Hill of Pleasures
Producent: KeyDocs, info@keydocs.nl, www.keydocs.nl
Sales: NPO Sales, info@nposales.com, www.nposales.com

Wrong Time Wrong Place
Producent: Cobos Films, info@cobosfilms.nl, www.cobosfilms.nl
Sales: Films Transit International, jan@filmstransit.com, www.filmstransit.com

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