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Cannes International Film festival 2012

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Line-up Cannes International Film Festival 2012 - From the Netherlands


In Competition

World Premiere
Directed by Sergei Loznitsa
(feature, 130’)
In German-occupied USSR, a village railway worker is wrongly accused of being a collaborator and has to face two partisans who arrive from the forest to get revenge.
NL Co-prod: Lemming Film,  Ph: +31 20 661 0424, info@lemmingfilm.com, www.lemmingfilm.com
Sales: The Match Factory, Ph: +49 221 539 709-0, info@matchfactory.de, www.the-match-factory.com
Thu May 24, 19:30, Salle Debussy (press screening)
Thu May 24, 22:00, Salle Bazin (press screening)
Fri May 25, 16:00, Lumière
Sat May 26, 22:15, Salle du 60ème

World Premiere
Directed by Carlos Reygadas
(feature, 140’)
Juan and his young urban family live in the countryside of Mexico. There, they enjoy and suffer a world that understands life in a different way. Juan wonders if those worlds are complementary or, truly, they fight unconsciously to eliminate one another.
NL Co-prod: Topkapi Films, Ph: +31 20 303 2494, info@topkapifilms.nl, www.topkapifilms.nl
Sales: NDM, Ph: +52 55 5273 9307, ndm@mantarraya.com, www.mantarraya.com
Thu May 24, 16:00, Lumière
Thu May 24, 22:30, Lumière
Fri May 25, 10:00, Riviera 1 (market screening)

Special Screening

World Premiere
Directed by Gonzalo Tobal
(feature, 98’)
After a long time without seeing each other, two cousins, Esteban and Pipa, have to drive together to their grand-father’s funeral in Villegas, small inland town where they grew up together. This coming back soon turns into an intense emotional journey, punctuated by the reunions, the weight of the past and the end of an era.
NL Co-prod: NFI Productions
Sales: Urban Distribution, Ph: +33 1 4870 7307, www.urbandistrib.com
Sat May 19, 09:30, Lerins 1 (market screening - buyers only)
Sun May 20, 11:00, Salle Bazin (press / additional screening)
Sun May 20, 17:30, Salle du 60e Official
Mon May 21, 11:00, Salle Buñuel
Mon May 21, 17:30, Arcades 3 (market screening)

Short Films Competition


World Premiere
Directed by Bassam Chekhes
(short, 15’)
Waiting For P.O. BOX is the story of an orange that grew without a tree.
NL Co-prod: Bassam Chekhes Production, sammyfilms@gmail.com
Sat May 26, 11:00, Salle Debussy
Sat May 26, 14:30, Salle Buñuel

Cinéfondation Atelier

Directed by Marco van Geffen
A happy Dutch couple fall apart when they lose their firstborn child.
Prod: Lemming Film, Ph: +31 20 661 0424, info@lemmingfilm.com, www.lemmingfilm.com


Directed by Joram Lürsen
(feature, 90’)
When Alfie suddenly turns into a werewolf on the night of his seventh birthday, he hasn’t a clue what to do…
Prod: BosBros, Ph: +31 20 524 4030, info@bosbros.nl, www.bosbros.nl
Sales: Delphis Films, Ph: +1 514 843 3355, xiao@delphisfilms.com, www.delphisfilms.com
Wed May 16, 10:00, Palais E
Mon May 21, 15:30, Palais B


Directed by Klaartje Quirijns
(documentary, 80’)
An intimate and revealing portrait of a highly influential artist.
Prod: LEV Pictures, Ph: +31 20 581 8515, info@levpictures.com, www.levpictures.com
Sales: Hanway Films, Ph: +44 207 290 0750
Thu May 17, 15:30 , Arcades 1
Mon May 21, 14:00 , Arcades 2



Directed by Dennis Bots
(feature, 96’)
Soccer-loving Akkie is diagnosed with leukemia. Only through her love for a boy in her class, can she accept the inevitable.
Prod: Rinkel Film, Ph: +31 20 616 3231, info@rinkelfilm.com, www.rinkelfilm.com
Sales: Highpoint Media Group, Ph: +44 20 7424 6870, info@highpointfilms.co.uk, www.highpointmediagroup.com
Sun May 20, 15:30, Gray 2


Directed by Anna van der Heide
(feature, 83’)
Fidgety Bram is a little boy who just cannot sit still. Which becomes a problem when he starts school.
Prod: BosBros, Ph: +31 20 524 4030, info@bosbros.nl, www.bosbros.nl
Sales: Delphis Films, Ph: +1 514 843 3355, xiao@delphisfilms.com, www.delphisfilms.com
Thu May 17, 14:00, Palais E
Sun May 20, 16:00, Palais E  

Directed by Maarten Treurniet
(feature, 118’)
The Kidnap of the Century took just 35 minutes, Heineken’s revenge took a little longer.
Prod: Topkapi Films, Ph: +31 20 303 2494, info@topkapifilms.nl, www.topkapifilms.nl
Sales: Global Screen,Ph: +49 89 2441295 500, info@globalscreen.de,  www.globalscreen.de
Mon May 21, 09.30, Riviera 1

Directed by Sacha Polak
(feature, 80’)
Hemel is fighting a guerrilla war with every man in town, looking for the difference between sex and love.
Prod: Circe Films, Ph: +31 20 625 3591, info@circe.nl, www.circe.nl
Sales: Media Luna New Films, Media Luna in Cannes: Stand Riviera D10, Ph: +33 4 9299 3329, info@medialuna.biz, www.medialuna.biz
Mon May 21, 11.30, Riviera 2

Directed by Antoinette Beumer
(feature, 90’)
Twin sisters Sofie and Daan (33) have been raised by their two fathers. When they receive an unexpected phone call from their- hitherto unknown- biological mother in the US (Jackie) they embark on an amazing adventure that alters their assumptions about everything that they once believed to be true. The trip with the strange and ill adjusted Jackie will change Sofie’s and Daan’s life for good.
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Ph: +31 20 666 1892, sarina.von.reth@eyeworks.tv, www.eyeworks.tv
Tue May 22, 16:00 Olympia 7

Directed by Boudewijn Koole
(feature, 78’)
Jojo is caught between his love for a jackdaw and his loyalty to his father. Finally he decides that enough is enough.
Prod: Waterland Film, Ph: +31 20 682 2164, mail@waterlandfilm.nl, www.waterlandfilm.nl
Sales: Delphis Films, Ph: +1 514 843 3355, xiao@delphisfilms.com, www.delphisfilms.com
Thu May 17, 15:30, Palais D
Tue May 22, 14:00, Palais E


Directed by Erwin van den Eshof, Martijn Smits
(feature, 90’)
A zomedy about a group of friends who have to arm themselves against an invasion of zombies.
Prod: Talent United, Ph: +31 20 688 1843, info@talentunited.nl, www.talentunited.nl
Sales: Kaleidoscope, Ph: +44 20 3397 4410, sales@kaleidoscopefilmdistribution.com, www.kaleidoscopefilmdistribution.com
Wed May 16, 11:15, Palais D
Sat May 19, 18:00, Gray 3    

Directed by Froukje Tan
(feature, 76’)
Every adventure begins with a single sentence…
Prod: Flinck Film, Ph:+31 20 570 3130, info@flinckfilm.nl, www.flinckfilm.nl
Sales: Delphis Films, Ph: +1 514 843 3355, xiao@delphisfilms.com, www.delphisfilms.com
Sat May 19, 12:00, Palais E

Directed by Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil
(feature, 78’)
The New Kids are battling a rival town full of idiots, drag racing, zombies, and really bad hair.
The film is the sequel to New Kids Turbo.
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Ph: +31 20 666 1892, sarina.von.reth@eyeworks.tv, www.eyeworks.tv
Sales: Elle Driver, Ph: +33 1 5643 4870, sales@elledriver.eu, www.elledriver.eu
Sun May 20, 17:30, Gray 2

Directed by Reinout Oerlemans
(feature, 104’)
The epic story of the shipwrecked 16th century ship whose Dutch crew had to survive the gruesome polar winter.
Prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Ph: +31 20 666 1892, sarina.von.reth@eyeworks.tv, www.eyeworks.tv
Tue May 22, 14:00, Palais K

Directed by Clare Sturges
(documentary, 55’)
Documentary that gives a fresh perspective on 21st century legal prostitution through the frank stories of Amsterdam red-light district sexworkers at a time when tighter regulation threatens their livelihood.
Prod: TCF Film, Ph: +31 6 4603 3027, info@tcf-film.com, www.tcf-film.com
Sat May 19, 20:00, Palais B

Directed by Threes Anna
(feature, 90’)
Rosa arrives in Tokyo to learn the art of filleting fish from Japan´s best fish chef. Because of the difficulty communicating Rosa grows more and more lonely.
Prod: KeyFilm, Ph: +31 20 423 1596, info@keyfilm.nl, www.keyfilm.nl
Sales: NonStop Sales, Ph: +46 8 400 100 00, info@turner.com, www.nonstopsales.com
Sat May 19, 17:30, Gray 2
Sun May 20, 14:00, Gray 5 

Directed by Rudolf van den Berg
(feature, 118’)
Süskind tells the true story of Jewish resistance hero Walter Süskind who worked for the Jewish Council in Amsterdam during the Second World War. By playing a cat-andmouse game with SS Hauptsturmführer Aus der Fünten he managed to save almost a thousand Jewish children from deportation.
Prod: Fu Works, Ph: +31 20 530 7110, sanne@fuworks.nl, www.fuworks.nl
Sales: Beta Cinema, Ph: +49 89 673469 828, beta@betacinema.com, www.betacinema.com
Fri May 18, 09:15, Star 4
Mon May 21, 18:00, Olympia 7

Directed by Jeroen van Velzen
(documentary, 80’)
A filmmaker returns to Kenya to rediscover the enchanting world of his youth.
Prod: SNG Film,  Ph: +31 20 686 7837, sngfilm@xs4all.nl, www.sngfilm.nl
Sales: EastWest Filmdistribution, www.eastwest-distribution.com
Tue May 22, 14:00, Lérin 1

EYE International in Cannes
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