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Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright

Cinekid: The Kids Are Alright Macnab talks to head of Cinekid for Professionals about upcoming events... - Read more

Huge number of NL films going to Brazil

Huge number of NL films going to Brazil 13 Dutch co(-pros) selected for Mostra de Sao Paulo... - Read more

The Sasha wins Radar Award

The Sasha wins Radar Award María Molina Peiró's experimental short awarded at Curtocircuito... - Read more

Escher's International Journey

Escher's International Journey Dutch documentary will have theatrical release in Germany.... - Read more

Line-up Cannes 2014


Maidan (documentary, 131')
Directed by Sergei Loznitsa
NL co-producer: Atoms & Void, atomypustota.info@gmail.com
Maidan chronicles a civil uprising which took place in Kiev (Ukraine) in the winter of


Cat & Mouse (feature, 95’)
Directed by Maartje Seyferth, Victor Nieuwenhuis
Produced by Moskito Film, moskitofilm@gmail.com, www.moskitofilm.com
Sales: Reel Suspects, info@reelsuspects.com, www.reelsuspects.com
The story about the tragic death of a child. By not accepting the truth about that dramatic event, it becomes unavoidable a disaster will happen again.
Fri May 16, 17:30 Palais F

The New Rijksmuseum – Feature (documentary, 120’)
Directed by Oeke Hoogendijk
Produced by Column Film, info@columnfilm.com, www.columnfilm.com
Sales: Autlook Films, welcome@autlookfilms.com, www.autlookfilms.com
Over a period of ten years we follow the fascinating and complicated process of rebuilding Holland’s most famous museum, the Rijksmuseum.
Mon May 19, 10:00 Gray 3 (not final version)

The New Wilderness (documentary, 97’ )
Directed by Mark Verkerk, Ruben Smit
Produced by EMS Films, ton.okkerse@emsfilms.com, www.emsfilms.com
Sales: Atlas International Film, mail@atlasfilm.com, www.atlasfilm.com
Nature reborn 20 miles from Amsterdam.
Mon May 19, 17:30 Palais D

Tula the Revolt (feature, 100’)       
Directed by Jeroen Leinders
Produced by FishEye Feature Films, jeroen@leinders.nl, www.tulathemovie.com
Sales: VMI Worldwide, sales@vmiworldwide.com, www.vmiworldwide.com
A breath taking and true story about repression, desperation and betrayal, about the fight for justice but most of all about inspiration, love and freedom.
Sat May 17, 13:30 Gray 4

A Christmoose Story
(feature, 85’)
Directed by Lourens Blok
Produced by Lemming Film, info@lemmingfilm.com, www.lemmingfilm.com
Sales: Attraction Distribution, info@attractiondistribution.com, www.attractiondistribution.com
An uplifting story about an unusual friendship between a boy and a talking Moose. Based on a best-selling novel.
Wed May 14, 14:00 Palais C
Tue May 20, 09:30 Palais J

Farewell to the Moon
(feature, 90’)
Directed by Dick Tuinder
Produced by Column Film, info@columnfilm.com, www.columnfilm.com
Sales: Media Luna New Films, info@medialuna.biz, www.medialuna.biz
1972. The last man on the moon. A boys' first love affair.

Wed May 21, 13:30 Riviera 2

Last Hijack
(documentary, 83')
Directed by Tommy Pallotta & Femke Wolting
Produced by Submarine, info@submarine.nl, www.submarine.nl
Sales: The Match Factory, info@matchfactory.de, www.the-match-factory.com
A true tale of survival in Somalia told from the pirate’s perspective and combining animation with documentary storytelling.
Thu May 15, Olympia 6

(feature, 90’)
Directed by Dick Maas
Produced by Tom de Mol Productions, tom@tdmp.nl and Parachute Pictures
Sales: T Films, hthym@tfilms.lu, www.tfilms.lu
Not every question has an answer.
Sat May 17, 18:00 Gray 5

(feature, 108’)
Directed by Tamar van den Dop
Produced by Revolver, raymond@revolver.nl, www.revolver.nl
in co-production with IJswater Films
Sales: Wide, infos@widemanagement.com, www.widemanagement.com
Meis is fifteen, lives in the back of beyond and aspires to a grand and stirring life, but all that happens is the passing of the time, waiting for the next car to run into the front of the house.
Sun May 18, 14:00 Palais G

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