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Light by André Schreuders
Light - An elderly single woman refuses all food and drink...


An elderly single woman who realises she is terminally ill, packs some clothes in a suitcase, puts her fish in a plastic bag and leaves on foot. During her lonely journey she has some brief but intense encounters. She ends her Way of Sorrows in a monastery where she lies down in bed and refuses all food and drink (15', 8 mm).

Written and directed by André Schreuders
Original Title: LICHT
Key Cast: Leny Breederveld
Produced by AS Film, ph. 0031 6 1113 5305

LICHT (LIGHT) is a short film in a poetic-experimental style. The film shows the last journey of a sick elderly woman to the convent where she will die by stopping to eat and drink. For me it’s not her self-chosen end that is most important, but the lonely last journey, a metaphor for her life. The image of the woman with the goldfish and the trunk has a poetic beauty that pinches with its lonely painful content.


Lisbon, IndieLisboa 2010 - World Premiere
Cannes 2010 - Director's Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)



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