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Light as Feathers by Rosanne Pel
Light as Feathers

Light as Feathers

Eryk (15) lives in a small village in the outskirts of Poland. He is in love with Claudia (13) but he doesn't know the difference between love and abuse.

15-year-old Eryk lives with his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in a small village in Poland. Eryk has a too intimate relation with his manipulative and dominant mother and is in love with his 13 -year-old neighbour Claudia. But Eryk does not know the difference between love and abuse...

86' / colour

Genre: drama, experimental
Original title: LIGHT AS FEATHERS
Dir: Rosanne Pel
Prod: Family Affair Films - Floor Onrust
Sc: Rosanne Pel
D.O.P.: Aafke Beernink
Completed: September 2017
Language: Polish
Cast: Eryk Walny, Klaudia Przybylska, Ewa Ma.

Festivals & awards a.o.:
Toronto International Film Festival
Rome International Film Festival
Dutch Film Critics' Award and VEVAM Fund Forum of Directors Award - Netherlands Film Festival
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Premiers Plans Film Festival Angers

Rosanne Pel:
First feature film.

Family Affair Films
Ph: +31 20 707 1713

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