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Life is Dream
Life is Dream

Life is Dream

In a surreal narration full of marvellous images, Vanesa dissects the dream of her parents who fled the deep poverty of Spain for the Netherlands.

Her parents' stay was temporary. For Vanesa too the stay was supposed to be temporary, but she discovers that her parents' dream is a nightmare, and she faces an impossible choice. Follow her parents in their dream or go her own way. Through the eye of her camera, she investigates that choice; a tough test, but one of great visual intimacy.


100' / colour

Original title: HET LEVEN IS DROOM
Dir: Vanesa Abajo Pérez
Prod: Basalt Film (NL) - Simone van den Broek
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV (NL)
Sc: Vanesa Abajo Pérez
D.O.P.: Vanesa Abajo Pérez
Completed: Summer 2020
Language: Spanish, Dutch

Vanesa Abajo Pérez:
THE HOUSE OF STONE (2015, short doc), PARADISE (2015, short) Awards: Best Narrative-Short to the Point FF, URLICH (2012, short), I LOVE YOU (2012, short).

Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946


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