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L'Eté et Tout le Reste by Sven Bresser
L'Eté et Tout le Reste

L'Eté et Tout le Reste

When at the end of the summer the last ferries with tourists leave and most of young Marc-Antoine’s friends have left for the mainland to study or to work, he and his friend Mickael remain behind on the deserted island. Mickael is full of plans to leave, but is Marc-Antoine able to escape his solidified routine?

18’ / colour

Genre: drama / coming of age
Original title: L’ÉTÉ ET TOUT LE RESTE
Dir: Sven Bresser
Prod: IJswater Films - Marc Bary, Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Completed: August 2018           
Language: French        

Sven Bresser:

FREE FIGHT (2018, mid-length), CAVELLO (2016, graduation short), LA NUIT PORTE CONSEIL (2015, short).

IJswater Films
Ph: +31 20 442 1760

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