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Lejla by Stijn Bouma


Lejla is a bored young woman from Sarajevo working in a fast food restaurant and taking care of her elderly father. When she falls in love with Vedad she is offered the chance to leave, but she is unsure what is best for her future…

21' / colour

Genre: drama

Original title: Lejla
Dir: Stijn Bouma
Prod: Alchemic Film - Stijn Bouma, Ibrahim Karatay, Paul Oscar Kanter   
Completed: May 2017   
Language: Bosnian   

Stijn Bouma:
Somewhere Else (2016, short doc).

Alchemic Film
Ph: +31 6 8167 7218 / +31 6 4381 7693
paul@alchemicfilm.com / ibo@alchemicfilm.com

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