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The Laws of Silence by Jan van den Berg & Lenny Schouten & Martijn Schroevers
Laws of Silence, The

Laws of Silence, The

A film about sexual violence as a weapon of war, the dangerous fight for justice, about shame and the (im)possibility of forgiveness in Colombia.

Journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima investigates crimes commited by paramilitary groups in Colombia. During an interview in a prison she is kidnapped, tortured and raped. ‘A warning for the press’ says one of the perpetrators. But Jineth continues, albeit under the strain of constant protection,  as a spokeswoman for those who experience sexual abuse. But at what cost?

70‘ / DCP / colour   

Original title: THE LAWS OF SILENCE
Dir.: Jan van den Berg & Lenny Schouten & Martijn Schroevers
Prod: drsFILM
Sc: Jan van den Berg, Lenny Schouten, Martijn Schroevers           
D.O.P.: Martijn Schroevers
Completed: September 2016       
Language: English/Spanish

Jan van de Berg:
a.o. SILENT SNOW (2011, doc) Awards a.o : Golden Sun Award Int. Environmental FF Barcelona, Special Mention Festival delle Terre Rome, Best Air Award Cinema Verde Environmental FF Gainesville, SILENT SNOW (2007, short doc) Awards a.o: First Prize Planet Focus Toronto, First Prize Green FF Seoul, Best Int. Film HRAFF Australia, Golden Snail Slow Food FF Bologna.

Ph: +3162182688

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