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The Last Fight by Victor Vroegindeweij
Last Fight, The

Last Fight, The

Marloes Coenen, one of the world’s best MMA fighters, forces herself to give her all, one more time, to win her last title fight.

A pyschogram of a star from the professional fighting world, Marloes Coenen. What pushes someone to want to smash another human being into the ground with such great intent. What sacrifices must she make for our blood lust? What happens to you when you’re at the top of the women’s fight scene? Who do you become? And how do you step away when the lights dim?

70' /  colour     

Original title: THE LAST FIGHT
Dir: Victor Vroegindeweij
Prod: Witfilm - Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole
Sc: Victor Vroegindeweij
D.O.P.: Mick van Dantzig
Completed: November 2017              
Language: Dutch, English

Victor Vroegindeweij:
MATTHEUS EN IK (2013, doc), GAANDEWEG (2008, doc), PLAY WITH IT (2008, doc), FREE KEMPI (2008, doc), CHANAIKA (2007, doc), FRANS VOGEL – FAR OUT! (2005, doc).


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