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Lack-Purgatory by Stefano Odoardi


A film about erring that embraces the word's double meaning; to make a mistake and to wander.

In a hypothetical, contemporary Purgatory, an Angel navigates a cargo ship on a journey into the unknown, while a group of human beings are in a non-place possibly seeking salvation.

85’ / DCP / b&w

Genre: drama, sci-fi
Original title: Mancanza-Purgatorio
Dir.: Stefano Odoardi
Prod: O Film (NL)
Co-prod: Strike fp (IT), De Productie (NL)   
Sc: Stefano Odoardi   
D.O.P.: Stefano Odoardi
Completed: April 2016
Language: Italian
Cast: Angelique Cavallari (Mancanza-Inferno, Giorni Felici).

Stefano Odoardi:
a.o. Lack-Hell ( 2014, feature), La Pluie (2014, short), A White Ballad (2007, feature), Exile of Beauty (2006, short ).

O Film
Ph: +31 6 4347 8665 / +39 32 8649 2402

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