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.A. Raeven-Beyond the Image by Lisa Boerstra
L.A. Raeven-Beyond the Image-For artist twins L.A.Raeven, life and work are intrinsically intertwined

L.A. Raeven-Beyond the Image

For artist twins L.A.Raeven, life and work are intrinsically intertwined. This documentary takes us where imagination and reality collide.

Artist twins L.A. Raeven have lived and worked together their entire lives. This documentary takes us where their imagination and reality collide and coalesce. L.A. RAEVEN – BEYOND IMAGINATION showcases the development of their new works of art as they test scents, cover their studio with eggshells and dine synchronically. The film follows the twins during a crucial period within their lives when art and life fight for precedence. Who will choose work or reality, the individual or her twin sister?

73’ / video / colour   

Dir: Lisa Boerstra
Prod: Viewpoint Productions    
Completed: September 2010  
Language: Dutch (English subtitles) 

Lisa Boerstra:
First feature length documentary.

Viewpoint Productions
Ph: +31 20 636 3678
F:   +31 20 636 7716

Sales: Illumina Films
Ph: +31 20 624 8593
F:   +31 20 330 8155

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA 2010
Chicago International Filmfestival 2011

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