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Kyteman. Now What? by Menna Laura Meijer
Kyteman. Now What?

Kyteman. Now What?

A film about the urge to let go what you already have, and the creative search for what follows after.

In 2009 the young Dutch trumpet player Colin Benders became famous overnight with his hip-hop orchestra Kyteman. Benders believes a real artist will let go of everything he knows, will take risks and follow his inner urge for renewal. That’s why, after only one year of sold-out concerts and unprecedented critical acclaim, Benders already planned his last concert in December 2009. The documentary investigates the development of his new project, the Jamsessions, and especially Benders’ restless and creative processes.

87’ / video / colour

Original title: KYTEMAN. NOW WHAT?
Dir: Menna Laura Meijer
Prod: 100% Halal Productions
Sc: Menna Laura Meijer
D.O.P.: Jefrim Rothuizen
Completed: November 2011
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)

Menna Laura Meijer: a.o. SWEETY, THE FRIENDS, BETRAYAL AND MURDER OF MAJA BRADARIC (2008, doc), JONGE SEX PRILLE LIEFDE (2007, doc), SEXY (doc series), BOYS (2005, doc), REAL MEN (2004, doc), GIRLS (2003, doc).

100% Halal Productions
Ph: +31 20 639 1402

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