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Key Business (Guards) by Marc Schmidt
Key Business (Guards)

Key Business (Guards)

Putting theory into practice in the most modern prison in the Netherlands.

In 2016 the largest and most modern prison in the Netherlands, Judicial Complex Zaanstad, opened its doors. New architecture and a new professional modus operandi enhanced the efficiency of the complex, instilling a heightened sense of responsibility within staff and inmates. The demanding and versatile work of guards and prison officials gives us an insight into modern prison practices.

90’ /  colour

Original title: DE BEWAARDERS
Dir: Marc Schmidt
Prod: DOXY films - Janneke Doolaard
Co-prod: VPRO
Creative prod: Harmen Jalvingh
Sc: Marc Schmidt                                
D.O.P.: Wiro Felix, Jean Counet
Completed: January 2018                    
Language: Dutch

Marc Schmidt:
a.o. THE CHIMPANZEE COMPLEX (2014, doc), MATTHEW'S LAWS (2012, doc) Award: Grand Prix Best Feature Visions du Réel.

DOXY films
Ph: +31 20 422 2607

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